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2000 Visitor

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30000 Meter

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200 Consultation / day

More Than

150 Medical company

Why to participate?

  • Meeting with experts and specialists in the cosmetic and medical fields, exchanging experiences, and building a database and communication channels with them
  • Presenting the elements of excellence, products and services, and displaying an image of the work of the company or institution
  • Getting acquainted closely with the consumer groups and beneficiaries of the company's work and products, identifying their aspirations and needs, and working on developing plans accordingly
  • Taking advantage of the investment and expansion opportunities and cooperation plans provided by the gathering under the roof of the exhibition
  • Communicating with the official incubating and developing authorities for this sector and checking the support plans they provide to the private sector
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Why to attend?

The importance of participating in cosmo

  • Getting acquainted closely with companies, institutions, and bodies active within this sector
  • Getting access to modern services, products and technologies in the cosmetic and medical fields
  • Approaching investment and career opportunities and building on them to enter this field

The annual reference , forum of experiences, a source of information & health sector consultations Where it gathered a huge elite of plastic surgeons , specialized experts and researchers and gained  After the resounding success of cosmo , the first year despite all the challenges under covid 19  A number of participants reached about 20 thousand visitors in three days

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They said about Cosmo 2021

Why do you participate with us ?

  • If you do not participate in cosmo 2022 , you will miss a full range of medical development benefits which may have an effective effect in changing your business to a business can outperforms your competitors in the same field.
  • Fact : one in two visitors signs deals at the fair
  • To close deals ,it is very easy to get the customers trust when he is available during your participation period as a better means compared to other forms of communication even in this computerized age , nothing resembles closeness and fact only make deals and book appointments in cosmo 2022 here you can enhance your image as pioneers in the medical field
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How We Work?

المرجع السنوي ومـــــلتقى الخبــــرات ومــــصدر
للمعلومات والاستشارات الخاصة بالقطاع الصحي

جمع تحت سقفه نخبة هائلة مـــن أطباء التجميل
والخبراء المختصين والباحثين

بعد النجاح الباهر الذي حققه كوزمو السنـة
الاولى رغم كل التحديات في ظل كوفيد-١٩

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خلال ثلاثة أيام

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